SkiErg World Sprint Fundraiser

Come Join the 2nd Annual Concept 2 SkiErg World Sprints!
Date : Saturday, November 13 , 12pm – 6pm
Location: The Fix Studio 3725 Minnehaha, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (The Fix Studio)

That’s right, this is a WORLD event, and the people at the FIX Studio in Minneapolis MN are making sure you get your chance to compare times against skiers all over the USA and the WORLD through the Concept 2 contest!
Heres how it works:

1) Call The Fix Studio at   612 –  220 – 0215 and get a slot. Walk-ins are most certainly welcome, though you may wait for some people to finish theirs. Coming in early would be a good way to check out the competition and see how it’s done!

2) There IS an entry fee of $10, but it goes to two Olympic hopefuls ( Matt Leibsch and Jennie Bender ) who are busting their butts to be professional skiers, so it’s a good cause for the future of cross country skiing! You also get a prize if you go fast!

3) Get in some last minute double poling up the biggest hill you can find

4) Come to the Fix Studio November 13th between 12pm and 6pm to double pole 1000 meters. The test generally takes between 3 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes 40 seconds.

Its best to wear sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, bring water, and take your inhaler if you’re an asthmatic, because your mouth is going to be a sucking black hole…..are you ready for the challenge?

To learn more about the machine go to :
or just

Men and Woman separate
Age Categories and prizes for fastest time are:


There will also be SPECIAL PRIZES for people who:

1) Fastest time who beats Matt Leibsch – WIN A PAIR OF SKIS!!!
2) Fastest time who beats Jennie Bender (Woman only) – Choice of a FREE RMR, EMR, VO2 test and/or Sports Massage at the Fix Studio.
3) Junior who scores better than Piotr from GO Training – WIN a dozen bruegger bagels! Mmmm
4) Fastest time of a non Skier* (aka all you bikers from The Fix!) – TBD

* Rule to #4 : Make sure you specify this in signing up. Means you have never been on nordic skis. (Though will start this winter…!)

Hope to see you there!


Jennie Bender and Matt Leibsch

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