Skier Development


I came across this picture from 8th grade the other day.  I vividly remember racing varsity that day at Conference.  It was easily the biggest, most important race I had entered.  Looking back to that very first big race I am extremely thankful for all  the opportunities I have had as a skier.  The National Nordic Foundation is working hard to develop skiing in the US by helping support young skiers and creating opportunities for success.  NNF is in the final days of this year’s fundraiser to help young skiers and US Skiing is looking for everyone’s support.


 If you are excited about skiing and want to help grow the sport please visit and show your support.



Training since returning from Canmore has been great.   A solid training block out west set me up well for the last month of training before races start.  MN fall weather, up until last night’s snow, has been ideal for training.  I have been turning up the pace on L4 workouts and focusing on time trails and speeds.  I am hoping a bit more intensity and a few more time trials this year will help jump start my season.

On the Road with Tom Bye

by Tom Bye, CXC TEAM

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 1.53.07 PM

A view of the awesome 2.2K loop at the Nordic Centre

It does not seem like it has been a month since we left for Park City. But, that’s what happens when you are focused on training and having a blast. This was the longest trip I have been away from home and it was one of the best. I am super thankful for what CXC has done for me and the team. I can tell from this trip that it is going to be a great year.

The trip started with us meeting at Karl’s home to load up and head out. There was some construction on 35 so we had to take the back roads out onto the interstate. It was a long drive but a great chance for some good conversation about skiing, life, and really anything that came to mind.

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 1.54.28 PM

Rocking out on the way to the top of Mt. Baldy

We got to Park City and we stayed at this amazing condo at snowbird, at about 8000ft. This was great for living but made it difficult at times to get to the best training sites. The runs, which sometimes turned into walks, were incredible. It was great to be out on the mountain. The runs went up for an hour and a half and down in forty-five minutes. The wildlife was something to be aware of, at a moment’s notice a mule deer popped out at me and I paused just to admire it. We also made a ski loop from a park site and it went around the COE, Center of Excellence, and back. There was only one “stop ahead” sign and every time Bill and I saw those it was an all-out sprint. I won these unless Bill pulled any of his tricks.

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 1.55.42 PM

Great example of total internal reflection, science rocks.

During the trip in Park City we had some great intervals. At one we shared the track with the University of Utah ski team while they did a time trial. That was where I met Kevin Sweeney and Abi Holt for the first time. Later in the week, I had a meeting with them and got all my questions answered and some insight on the team. My goal for this year is to make next year’s U of U ski team. I am very excited about getting to know the coaches and the team better. After the meeting I had lunch at this nifty restaurant on the top floor of the Union. There grilled cheese and chef special are worth getting a taste of. That evening we had a lovely pizza dinner with one of our awesome CXC masters.

Then we were off to Canmore for some great on snow training. This was the part I was most excited for. October 19th was the earliest I had ever been on snow before. The mornings were always cool but when the afternoon session came around I broke out the shorts and t-shirt for some nice skiing in the sun. While in Canmore I explored the town on my recovery walks. The stores were sweet; they had just about everything. I finally found what I wanted as a souvenir, a nice blue jacket that has a maple leaf in the corner. At the same store they also had these incredible chocolates. I went with the Bear Claw, which consisted of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. It had three cashews as the claws on top, the wrong side of the paw. But, I didn’t say anything because they were just too good. In Canmore training was a huge success both on and off snow. What made it so was the great Nordic Centre. I had some lactates taken to make sure I was in the right zones and I got some more input on my technique. I am learning and making those quick fixes to make me faster. Lastly, I’d like to thank CXC again for allowing me to be a part of this great team.

Live On,

Tom Bye




Training in Utah has been amazing!  The CXC van pulled into Snowbird a little over a week ago, and we have put in a very strong training block.  The opportunity to living high, rollerski canyons, and run in the mountains has been incredible.

20131001_170113My week started off with L3 skate intervals at Soldier Hollow.  The rollerski loop was just repaved so conditions were great.  It felt really good to put in a strong long effort at the Nationals venue.  Speeds and L3 up Big Cottenwood was also fun. Additionally, I have been taking advantage of the great terrain in the mountains right outside the front door.

I have been on a couple great OD run/hikes in the mountains that have gotten increasingly more exciting with the snow we keep getting.


Yesterday was a 4 hour OD in the mountains.  It was snowing the whole time and got me really excited for winter.  After a quick, cold snack and drink huddled at the top I was more then ready to start running down.20131003_104539_1

 Overall training has been very quality and extremely productive.  Here is some video of a few recent workouts.

Today was a rest day and a great opportunity to learn all about my new Rossignol equipment.  Ryan Green and Paul Clark invited the CXC Team to Rossignol’s Headquarters for North American Operations in Park City and gave us the full run down on everything Rossi.  I was extremely impressed and can’t wait to test out my new skis when we get to Canmore in a few weeks.



A FedEx van arrived yesterday loaded down with CXC’s new Rossignol gear.  I am super excited to ski Rossi.


An entire fleet of demo boots arrived so we can play with sizes and fit.


Rossignol’s World Cup boot comes in Skate, Classic and Pursuit.  They are then sub-divided into standard fit and LVF  (low-volume fit).  I have already tried a couple of size/ volume combinations and am thrilled with the fit options.


Binding also arrived and I mounted my rollerskis yesterday afternoon.  It was quick and easy.  Already got 5 hours of training in on the new equipment!


I am really enjoying the new Rossignol equipment and very excited to get on the skis!

L3 Intervals

Put in some really quality L3 intervals this morning.  5 x 9 min with  3 min between sets.  Here is some video of the workout.

Next weekend the Central REG camp starts and I am looking forward to getting up to Hayward and putting in a really solid week of training.


I have been putting in a lot of hours on rollerskis this year and was excited to get a pair of Toko’s new rollerski gloves.  Minimalist summer glove with a nice leather palm, mesh back , and machine washable.  Easily my favorite glove.

Central Cross Country Ski Association invites talented and motivated athletes to apply for CXC Team.

CXC Team LogoCXC Team was officially established in 2007 as a way to provide support to the athletes who showed potential and drive to progress towards athletic excellence at the National and International level of competition.

Since that time, the CXC Team athletes won multiple U.S. National titles, National Nordic Foundation (NNF) Cup, SuperTours, American Birkebeiner, and other popular marathon races. Many CXC Team athletes have also represented the U.S. at the Junior World Championships, U23 World Championships, World Cups, World Championships, Winter Olympic Games, – with a few climbing to the podium at these events and having been named to the U.S. Ski Team.

CXC Team has received the “Cross Country Club of the Year” Award by the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (2007 and 2012).


CXC Team’s goal is to provide coaching, training and modest financial support to a select few individuals that possess the skill, drive and dedication to pursue a goal to represent the U.S. in J1 Scando Cup, Junior World Championships, U23 World Championships, World Cup, World Championships and Winter Olympic Games.

The vision of the program is to develop athletes who are ambassadors and role models that spread awareness, knowledge and enthusiasm to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase cross country ski participation.

CXC Team has developed a camp training structure consistent with many national ski teams as well as professional cycling teams. This structure consists of one camp per month lasting for approximately 1-2 weeks in the months between May and November. The intent is to provide focused team training and support within camp and then provide athletes with the opportunity to go home and work on personal training components pointed out during the previous camp. This format provides a good blend of focused attention that revolves around organized training with other strong athletes and coaching support followed by the opportunity to go home and train independently.


-  Professional Coaching

-  Monthly Training Camps

- Race service to select competitions:

+ Western SuperTours

+ U.S. National Championships

+ Central SuperTours

+ American Birkiebeiner

+ SuperTour Finals/ U.S. Distance National Championships

- Training/Travel Stipend

This stipend is available to athletes ranked in the top10 on the end of the year NRL list (sprint or distance). Athlete are eligible to receive up to $1,500 in Training/Travel Stipend (on reimbursement bases) to be applied towards expenses that will benefit athlete performance and approved by the Head Coach.

- Sports Science

+  2-3 times a year sports science testing and biomechanics analyses on rollerski treadmill (VO2 Testing, Lactate Testing, Upper Body Power Output)

+  Access to and Individual use of rollerski treadmill for training and technique

+  Access to and Individual use of Power Pole for training, technique efficiency and testing

+  Training on rollerski treadmill with programedSki World Championship and Olympic Trail Profiles

+  Access to and individual use of CXC altitude tent.

-  Equipment (provided by CXC Team sponsors and suppliers)


Athletes who qualified to compete at the J1 Scando Cup, Junior World Championships, U23 World Championships, World Cup, World Championships, or Winter Olympic Games are eligible for stipends.

World Cup Stipend

Athlete can qualify to receive up to $2,500 on reimbursement bases towards expenses (travel, room and board) associated with participating in the World cup if approved by the Head Coach.

Pre World Championships/Olympic Games Training Camp Stipend

Athlete can qualify to receive up to $2,000 on reimbursement bases towards expenses (travel, room and board) associated with participating in the Training Camp prior World Championships if approved by the Head Coach.


Senior/U23 Athletes (100% funded):

-  top 3 at the SuperTour final list or U.S. National Championships

-  top 10 on the overall USSA final points list

-  member of World Championship or Olympic Team

- coaches discretion

U21 Athletes (100% funded):

-  member of Junior World or U23 World Championships Team

-  podium finisher at Junior National Championships

-  top 20 finisher at NCAA Championships

-  coaches discretion

U19 Athletes (100% funded):

-  member of J1 Scando Cup or Junior World Team

-  1 top 5 finish or 2 top 10 finishes at the Junior National Championships

-  top 5 finisher at the Junior Worlds trials

-  coaches discretion

IMPORTANT NOTE: athletes that do not qualify by the published qualification criteria can be accepted to the CXC Team but will be subject to the program fee based on their standing on the overall USSA final points list or coaches discretion. $3,500 program fee for the athletes in the top 30 on the overall USSA final points list (about 50% of training/racing expenses for a year). $7,000 program fee for all other athletes (about 100% of training/racing expenses for a year).




May 1, 2013


Head Coach – Igor Badamshin – 715.439.3879 –

Assistant Coach – Andy Keller – 612.590.1739 –

Director – Yuriy Gusev – 608.385.8864 –

California Training Camp


Enjoying the view from Point Mariah at Royal Gorge Ski Area.  I have skied in the Truckee area a fair amount but haven’t ventured much beyond the race courses.  The chance to explore has been a real treat.


The snow pack is pretty low here compared to normal. Usually the huts are at trail level.

Truckee, California was one of my favorite places to race and train in college.  Plenty of sun and snow was a nice break after some short days in Alaska.  Don’t get me wrong, Alaska is great but California is something special.  With our friend Karen watching our house in Minnesota we decided to stay high and come train in California to really prepare well for the final races of the season.  


When I finished my ski at noon it was 65 degrees. Pretty psyched that I packed a pair of workout shorts

Caitlin and I struggled at the end of the season last year so we decided to take these next few weeks and focus on training rather than heading over to Europe to race.  It is nice to be able to get in some good hard training and quality time on snow.  Testing skis has also been really great.  In our two weeks here we have had a lot of different conditions.


Enjoying a clinic post workout with the Tahoe Donner Thursday morning training group.


Razorback Ridge. Thanks Noah, for recommending my new favorite trail at Royal Gorge. After some solid climbing the trail rewards you with a few kilometer literally on the ridge with drop offs on either side. Pretty cool. 


We have been testing a lot of skis which has been fun. I know my cold skis super well but it has been fun to play around with structure, flexes and pockets on our warm skis.


Caitlin and Uncle Kelly in the last snow storm. Coach Kelly and Fran have been fantastic hosts in Truckee. Kelly has been coaching many of our sessions helping with timing, video, lactates, waxing, strength, meals and more. The Aunts and Uncles have been a huge help this season.


I am one lucky and grateful guy.  It is so nice to have the opportunity to train and race, but it is even better to be able to do so with your wife.   It always make me smile.  Thank you to CXC and our sponsors.

Tomorrow we race the Sugar Rush Race at Royal Gorge a local 16 km freestyle race.  For the next big race we will meet back up with the rest of the CXC crew at the Whisltler Olympic Park for the Canadian National Championships.